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Dear Amanda:
     First, please accept my deep regret for the absent from the English class yesterday. I have recognized my fault for this absent and swear to attend all the English class in the rest of semester.
     If the regret has been accepted, please allow me a chance to explain the reason why I was absent. Last weekend a terrible fact came to me that my love told me not to contact with each other any longer. The one who used to be my boyfriend and we had been in love for approximate one year since graduated from high school. He was the person who I once wished to keep company with for my rest live. The time when l heard the words squeezed from his mouth, the backbone that support my faith for life crashed down and was destroyed immediately. At once, the meaning of love seemed to fade away, all the beautiful memories we used to enjoy came to me and hovered in my mind. Beyond all my exception, I did not say any word to beg his love. And with a slight goodbye I hang up the phone, but then tears filled my eyes out of control. At that time, I was like a kite who broke away from her string and was doomed to sway in the sky then die in the wind. Without the accompaniment of my best friend, I could have not image what stupid things would I do in the next few days. Everything seems to go better in the following days, but I have got a bad cold owing to my over-sadness. Now, I have a fever of 38℃ and need to have some medicines every day.
     This fact has tormented me for 5 days, and now I decide to escape from this nightmare as quickly as I can. I know, maybe this story won’t impress you so much, my dear teacher, to forgive my absent. But I ensure that there won’t be such things again. At last, I want to share some of my own English learning experiences with you and look forward to your advisements.
     Firstly, my main idea of learning English is that in this world there is no shortcut to English learning. For English is a language which needs us to pick up with constant practicing and use it as possible as we can. Secondly, English learning needs us to attach much interest into it. Hence, my out-of-class time is usually spent on watching American dramas or listening to English songs. Gossip Girl and Lady Gaga are my favourite. At last, English learning needs us to broaden our horizon. One thing I always keep in my mind is that things we learn from textbooks are only the tip of the iceberg especially considering English learning. Cite a sentence of Steve jobs, stay hungry and stay foolish. I think we should always stay hungry for knowledge and be modest enough to our life.


Today, i feel very sorry and ashamed to write down this essay for you to say about my bad behaviour in class. This essay also shows my deep thinking about making such a mistake and my decision that never make such mistakes anymore.
   I still remember that, at the first class, you have stressed and repeated many times that we should be responsible to ourselves, and nobody have to be responsible to us. In fact, i was deeply shocked by what you said and suddenly clearly understand the importance of independence at that time.I really agreed with your idea . All of us are adults now, we are not children anymore, and we can not relay on our parent just as when we were little. we must learn how to solve problems by ourselves. But it is a difficult process to make theory into pratice. In China education, it does not stress that us we should be responsible to ourselves, and our parents also do everything they think they can do for us. This is the education situation of China. So as time went by, we just get used to relying on others and do not try to do things by ourselves even we can do it easily. Over the past 19 years, i get used to doing things what parents and teachers told us to do. But now, you insist that we have to be independent. Suddenly,i can not depend on anyone. As a result, i feel very difficult to do everything and try every way to get help from others and we also feel Nora is a very strict teacher and really afraid of you, tough all of us know that we can learn many things from Nora. But we can not adore you at once,because what you teach is so different from our culture. That means we need time to get used .
   I write this essay because i did not read the material out chop chop.Nora told us that we should read the number first, then read the word ,definition and the sentence we write. But when in my turn, which word is no number,i do not know how to express where the word is . While i asked my deskmate what should i do , Nora just told me that i need to write a essay. In fact, at first, i feel very unfair because i just do not know how to express where the word is. If this condition was put forward in Chinese class, we can just put forward our problems and then the teachers would help us to solve it. But now, no explain, no excuse, just write an essay as punishment. I suffered from injustice and really want to cry at that time. Then i remembered that Nora have said that some of us may shed many tears, and may want to give up. For a second, i was tempted to give up. But i thought that Nora and our class are all in the same boat, and she could not attempted to embarrass us. Then, later, i remember that Nora have said that "that is life". In class, you have explained that is life means that if you can not change the situation,then you just do it. In fact,there are many things that we can not change in our life. Maybe when we work, our top banana also just punish us if we can not accord with what he/she meant without explain and excuse. At this case, the only solution is change ourselves to adjust the situation. As a matter of fact, 1000 words essay is a long essay for me. But after having a deep thinking, i understand that Nora just use this way to teach us the principle "that is life". At the same time, we also can pratice our writing skills. So, i really enjoy writing this essay,because in order to write something that i have to think deeply. As a result, i understand many things and feel ashamed for i misunderstand Nora. Sorry !Nora.
   I also have a deep impression in you said that we will be busy-bees because Our class will begin earlier and end later than normal. I have to admit that after enter college i have became a little lazy because in college there is no teacher to supervise my learning and we have a lot of free time. I can not control myself very well so that i spend little time on studying. In a way, i have to say that i am a loafer. I am realizing my error and in order to correct it i make a plan roughly. Firstly i need to get used to the way Nora teach us and be a busy-bee in class. Secondly i will make my own study schedule according to my school timetable and will do it with the supervision of my roommates. And last, i will find a studymate to study with me that i can not be lazy when i am study. Although it may difficult to make plan into pratice , i believe that i can get rid of this bad habbit with the supervision of my classmates.
Nora, now, i realize my error. I did not read the material out chop chop, and it is a bad behaviour that wastes the time of not only you but also my classmates. I have no right to do that. However, a person lives without faults will never be found. Of course, i do not mean to use it as an excuse, and i just want to obtain your forgiveness. I keep in mind to correct this weakness and try to get a greater progress. In addition, i hope Nora can continue supervise us that we can make greater progress. And most of important, i really appreciate you. You teach us to use a different light to see ourselves and open our eyes to the culture of America. Nora,Thank you! Thank you in my heart deeply!